Gone are the Days

When the school reopened in June, And we settled in our new desks and benches. When we queued up in book depot, And got our new books and notes.
When we wanted two Sundays and no Mondays, yet Managed to line up daily for the morning prayers. We learnt writing with slates and pencils, and Progressed To fountain pens and ball pens and then micro tips. We began drawing with crayons and evolved to Color pencils and finally sketch pens. We started calculating first with tables and then with Clarke's tables and advanced to calculators and computers.
When we chased one another in the corridors in Intervals, and returned to the classrooms drenched in sweat. When we had lunch in classrooms, corridors, Playgrounds, under the trees and even in cycle shed. When all the colors in the world, Decorated thecampus on theSecond Saturdays.