Chapter 4: The Yoga of Knowledge

About sacrificing and the importance of knowledge

(1) The Supreme Lord said: 'This imperishable yoga I instructed to the sun-god [Vivasvan ] who told it to the father of mankind [Vaivasvata Manu] who in his turn said it to Ikshvaku [founder of the dynasty where Rama descended in].

(2) Thus one following the other, the saintly kings received this science understanding it that way but in the course of time in this world this great way of connecting oneself was scattered, o subduer of the enemies.

(3) This very same very old science of yoga today is spoken by Me to you as you are My devotee and friend as well and thus factually [you can come to understand] the mystery of this transcendence.'

(4) Arjuna said: 'Your birth came after the one before of Vivasvan. How must I understand Your instructing in the beginning thus?

(5) The Supreme Lord said: 'Many births of Mine and also of you have passed, o Arjuna, I know them all but you do not, o subduer of the enemy.