Chapter 2a: The Yoga of Analytic Knowledge

On the knowledge of the soul (2.1-2.38)

(1) Sanjaya said: "Unto him, Arjuna, who was thus overwhelmed by compassion, having his eyes full of tears and lamenting, Madhusudana [Krishna is called as madhusoodanan as the killer of Madhu] spoke the following words:

(2) The Supreme Lord said: 'Wherefrom came this impurity of lamentation at this hour of crisis? This practice of the uncivilized that does not lead to a better world, is the cause of infamy, o Arjuna.

(3) Do not take to this impotence, o son of Pritha, this pettiness and weakness of the heart does not befit you- give it up and stand up, o chastiser of the enemy!'

(4) Arjuna said: 'How can I counterattack Bhishma and Drona with arrows in the fight, o Madhusudana - they are worthy of worship. o killer of the enemies!

(5) Even begging in this life on the planet is certainly better than to kill those superior great souls, even though those teachers desire worldly gain - surely our enjoying the pleasures of life will be tainted with blood!