Chapter 2b: The Yoga of Analytic Knowledge

On the results of labor (2.39-2.72)

(39) ' All this I described to you was about the analytical study of the intelligence in yoga, but listen now how dovetailed with that intelligence, o son of Pritha, you can be released from the bondage of fruitive labor [karma].

(40) Endeavoring in it, there will never be loss or diminution and a little effort with it frees one from the greatest danger.

(41) Those with a strong resolve to the soul are one in intelligence, o child of the Kurus, while those who are not of that determination have an intelligence which indeed is endlessly branched.

(42-43) All these flowery words are [also] used by men with little knowledge who are followers of the Vedas and , o son of Pritha, proclaim that there is nothing else to it. With their hearts full of desire they aim at higher spheres, a good birth and the grace of results by various pompous ceremonies to please their senses and to progress towards opulence.